August 2022

100 Blog Niche Ideas

A blog can be used to start a business, market your products, promote your brand, and entertain your readers, but how do you decide where to start? What type of blog niches are most likely to succeed? Do you want to write about topics that are new to you? Do you have personal experience with a topic? Do you want to write about a subject but only cover a specific aspect of a wider topic? If you make these decisions before you start blogging, you will have a better idea of what to write about.

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WordPress Security Plugins 

WordPress security is a big, fairly complex topic, and it’s a topic that’s often neglected unless you hire security experts. Often, the most important thing beginners and those who haven’t been in the space for a while don’t know is that they need to take it seriously, or they risk their blog and their data being hacked.

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