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100 Blog Niche Ideas

A blog can be used to start a business, market your products, promote your brand, and entertain your readers, but how do you decide where to start? What type of blog niches are most likely to succeed? Do you want to write about topics that are new to you? Do you have personal experience with a topic? Do you want to write about a subject but only cover a specific aspect of a wider topic? If you make these decisions before you start blogging, you will have a better idea of what to write about.

What is a blog niche?

For some readers, the concept of niche blogs may be a bit foreign. But what is a niche blog? Simply put, a niche blog focuses on a particular area of interest. For example, if you are an introvert and are looking to start a blog to help others with their own issues of being introverted, you want to start a blog that is geared towards helping others with that particular issue.

Why do you need a blog niche anyway?

We live in a world that is full of distractions. Technology, social media, news, entertainment, and our own thoughts are always vying for our attention. To make it as a blogger, you need to focus like a laser beam to break through the muck and reach readers. You need to choose a niche that you really care about and know your target audience well. You need to devote time to your blog and make it a priority in order to discover profitable blog niches.

Different types of blogs align with affiliate programs that can turn your blog post ideas into a successful blog. The most popular blogs stick to one niche and develop a loyal audience to sell digital products or physical products.

If you want to become a successful blogger and grow affiliate revenue then check out the list below for inspiration on what blogging niche you should choose today.

Beauty and Fashion Blogs

1. Makeup tutorials

Makeup is a multi-billion dollar industry—one that is expected to grow even further with the onset of the millennial generation. For many people, makeup allows them to express themselves in new ways.

2. Skincare

People spend a lot of money on skincare products, but are they really worth it? Do they really work? Are they worth the price? There are so many skincare products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones your skin will love and which ones you should skip. 

3. Fashion trends

Fashion is ever-changing and has been for a long time now. Trends change, trends come and go, but there are some trends that do never disappear no matter how much time passes. Elaborating on the trends, fashion bloggers play a very important role in the world of fashion.

4. Hairstyles

No matter the season, the hairstyle you choose to wear can define the mood of your outfit. Whether you’re dressing for work or play, there’s a hairstyle for every occasion. Write about new looks with some up-to-date tips, news, and trends.

5. Product reviews

Beauty products are everywhere, and you cant avoid them. Over the last few years, the beauty market has exploded and the opportunities for making money off of it too. Review various beauty products, and provide tips for using them.

Business Blogs

6. eCommerce

E-commerce websites are great ways to sell whatever you want to sell. It’s a proven way to earn some money, and a varied way to promote services. Writing about the e-commerce industry is a great way to break into blogging.

7. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. So, what is entrepreneurship? Simply put, it is the act of starting your own business, often a business in a specific industry. The topics under the entrepreneurship umbrella are vast and popular.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is not only very popular currently but I suspect it’ll be the primary means of employment in the future. I’ve found success on Fiverr and the primary reason for that is before I started, I read as many blog posts and tutorials on how to be successful with Fiverr. It’s a topic that’ll only get more popular as time goes on. 

9. Productivity

Gurus like Tim Ferris have cashed in on productivity hacks for a couple of decades now. There’s still plenty of room at the top to find your own micro-niche and teach people how to be more productive not only in business but in life. 

10. Startup

“How to start a business” is one of the most popular searches on the internet. From filing as an LLC, taxes, hiring, to funding, there are millions of questions that inexperienced entrepreneurs need to be answered. 

Education Blogs

 11. College study tips

The transition from high school to college is challenging for most freshmen. If you have sage advice for the new collegiate generation, share it. Not only is this a popular topic but you’re also helping other people, which feels good.

12. Homeschooling

This niche has grown like wildfire since COVID-19 changed the world. All it takes is some research to come up with a plethora of information that parents all across the world will find helpful.

13. Music instrument

Another niche that gained popularity since the pandemic started, learning a musical instrument is a great way to avoid boredom while stuck in your house. If you know how to play an instrument, then share your knowledge with other music lovers.

14. Online courses

I love online courses, and so do many other people. However, it’s often difficult to find the right course for the topic I want to learn about. Start a blog and review courses from Udemy, YouTube, online colleges, and any other website you can find decent courses. Most sites offer affiliate links, too.

15. SAT prep

This is one topic that has remained popular for many decades. If you’re strengths align with tutoring and you did well when you took the SAT, share your knowledge with others and you’ll find visitors will come flocking to your blog.

16. Scholarships

College is expensive – overly expensive in my opinion. That’s why this niche is not only very popular but also altruistic. Feel good inside by spreading the news about as many scholarships as you can find and helping high school graduates pay for college.

17. Second language

Yet another post-pandemic niche that has grown in popularity, start a blog teaching people how to learn a second language. If you’re fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, etc., focus on that language and write posts educating people about the culture surrounding that language, too.

Entertainment Blogs

18. Board games

Yes, people still play board games. Whether you focus on family-favorite classics like Monopoly and Sorry or opt for relatively newer board games like Settlers of Catan, you’ll get plenty of traffic from people looking for a new game for their family night or a small party with friends.

19. Card games

Although most card games are played online, there’s a heavy interest in learning how to play some of the more popular ones like poker and blackjack. Pick a popular card game and write a wide variety of posts on it or write about a wide assortment of less popular games.

20. History

This is one niche where you’ll have to “niche-down” into a specific period of history rather than focusing on everything from 10,000 BCE to last year. Try to get laser-focused on a period of history that you find interesting and you’ll be able to produce an unlimited number of posts to entertain and educate your visitors.

21. Movies

There are tens of thousands of movies available to review. Choose a specific genre rather than writing about all movies, or take a different approach from typical movie critics that separates you from the norm.

22. Music

If you enjoy music, then this niche is a great place to focus on starting a new blog. Spend time thinking about what aspect of music you’ll blog about, whether it’s a specific genre or style or indie underground bands versus popular.

23. TV shows/series

Streaming services tend to focus on series more than movies lately, so take advantage of this new trend by starting a blog about series you love. On my sci-fi website, episode recap posts were by far the most popular and ranked highly on Google search results in a short amount of time.

24. Video Games

Video game tutorials, walkthroughs, previews, and deals are some of the most popular niches on the internet today. Find a micro-niche such as a specific video game rather than simply using the broad topic of video games to carve out a nice little piece of the profitable and popular niche.

Finance Blogs

25. Budgeting

One of the best ways of reaching financial independence is through budgeting. Although you can see from the Google Trends graph above, budgeting may not be as wildly popular as NFT and cryptocurrency. However, focus on the steady, straight line. That line indicates a steady interest in budgeting for a long period of time, which is ideal for a niche blg.

26. Career advice

Career advice is a great niche for blogging because we’re amidst the “Great Resignation” era. Whether your target audience is recent college graduates or 40-year-olds like me experiencing a mid-career crisis, there’s plenty to blog about for years of content.

27. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has ebbs and flows when it comes to trending searches but it’s definitely not going away. There is a slew of different cryptocurrencies to write about, too, including bitcoin, dogecoin, and many more. 

28. Frugal living

One of my first blogs was about frugal living. My wife and I experienced financial hardship from 2008 to 2013 during the “Great Recession” and we had to learn to live frugally. Although I was brand new to blogging, I found success because many people were experiencing the same thing we were. The economy seems great right now, but I suspect we’re on the verge of an economic downfall. Start a blog on frugal living now and if/when the economy does spiral, you’ll already be an authority ahead of the curve.

29. Investing

It doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on day trading or enjoy the stonks on reddit, there’s plenty of content to write about investing. However, be careful when handing out financial advice because it can lead to lawsuits. 

30. NFT

You can’t go on Twitter without seeing tweets about making money with NFTs. I’m not even 100% sure what the hell they are, but as for a trending niche, NFT’s are exploding right now. Maybe you can be the first person to create content that helps average folks like me understand what they are and how to get started investing in them.

31. Personal Finance

Personal finance blogs are probably the most common blogs on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose it for a niche. If you have your own approach that works and has led to financial freedom for you and your family, focus on creating content that will help others do the same.

32. Retirement savings

I feel like this topic isn’t discussed nearly as often as it should be. 401k, IRAs, Social Security, and money under your mattress are some of the primary ways to save for your golden years. Millennials and Gen Z need a solid resource to learn more about preparing for retirement. 

33. Tax advice

This is one of those niches you should only blog about if you’re a tax professional. Also, taxes are a seasonal niche so don’t expect to get steady traffic year-round. 

Food Blogs

34. Baking

Baking desserts and loaves of bread is something many people enjoy doing. However, sometimes following a recipe in a book gets a little boring. Add some excitement into baking with entertaining posts. You can also review baking equipment like stand mixers.

35. Craft beer

Craft beer was definitely more popular ten years ago but people are still into it enough to justify blogging. You’ll likely encounter less competition since the topic is waning while still carving a niche supporting local breweries and microbreweries. 

36. Meal planning

If you are a parent or living with someone else and work full-time then you know how annoying it can be to come up with dinners every night. Start a blog with simple meal plans busy parents can follow with great photos, ingredients, and recipes.

37. Recipes

Speaking of recipes, why not solely focus on sharing new recipes on your blog? Do you have any family recipes that everyone loves? If so, you’ll find plenty of content to create because most people get sick of eating the same meals every week.

38. Vegan/vegetarian

Vegans and vegetarians create a ton of web traffic because it’s not only a diet but also a lifestyle. You can share your favorite vegan or vegetarian recipes or review local vegan restaurants and bakeries. The options are quite vast.

Health and Fitness Blogs

39. Cycling and mountain biking

Cycling is a great alternative to running and is much easier on your knees. You can blog about a specific type of bicycle (mountain, beach cruiser, street, hybrid, fixed-gear, etc.) or you can write reviews on cycling gear. Another option is writing about stationary bikes like Peloton.

40. Dieting

As you can probably tell from the Google Trends graph above, dieting is still a huge search topic on the internet. If you want to find success in diet blogging, focus on a specific diet type and write as much as you can think of about that diet. 

41. Exercise/Fitness

Although not nearly as popular as dieting, exercise and fitness are still popular searches year-round but primarily in January. If you are into exercising or fitness in general, start a blog and write about your exercise routine. You can also review gyms, home equipment, videos, books, and so much more.

42. Men’s health

Men’s health covers so many aspects pertaining to healthcare that the options for creating content are limitless. Heck, there’s a popular magazine called Men’s Health that’s been around for ages so it won’t be difficult to find content to write about.

43. Mental health

Many people need help with mental health but too many don’t like to seek help from psychologists and psychiatrists. If you’re a mental health professional or can write about your own personal experiences, then starting a blog about mental health is worth it. Use caution when writing about a sensitive topic like this, though. 

44. Personal training

If you’re a personal trainer or workout addict, share your knowledge with the rest of the world by starting a blog about personal training. You can write about exercise routines, training plans, and much more.

45. Sports

All across the world, people love a wide variety of sports. You should “niche-down” and stick with a specific sport like soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. Take it a step further by solely focusing on professional football or college basketball versus the entire sport in general. You could also write about playing a particular sport and how to improve a player’s skills.

46. Weight loss

Similar to dieting, weight loss is very popular. Where dieting is more about a lifestyle change specific to food consumption, it doesn’t always mean the focus is weight loss. When you focus on weight loss specifically, you can educate people about caloric intake, how the body burns energy, and write motivational content to encourage people to stick with their weight loss goal.

47. Women’s health

Women’s health covers a wide range of topics that enables bloggers to choose a micro-niche inside the women’s health niche. Select a topic that interests you the most to ensure you’ll stay motivated to consistently create new great content.

48. Yoga

Yoga replaced pilates years ago as a popular exercise for women (and many men). As you can see from the Google Trends graph above, yoga remains popular and makes a great niche blog idea. If you have any experience with yoga, use it to your advantage and create great content.

Hobby Blogs

49. Astronomy and horoscopes

People still love astronomy and reading about their horoscopes so why not start a blog about this niche? There’s plenty to write about whether it’s about zodiac signs or writing horoscopes yourself. 

50. Books

Book blogging is very popular so choose a specific genre or author to blog about. I’ve written many book review posts and learned that if you solely write book review posts then you need to become a speed reader. Most people reach one book a month which will equate to one post per month. That’s simply not enough.

51. Cooking

I’m just getting into cooking now and started buying cookbooks and hitting the internet looking for new ways to cook my favorite recipes. You can write about different types of cuisine, grilling, air frying, and much more.

52. Crocheting and Knitting

Here’s a popular and profitable niche for you, especially if you like either crocheting or knitting. You can write tutorial posts for creating socks, sweaters, etc. while also selling patterns and kits. 

53. Gardening

Yet another seasonal topic, gardening is very popular but your traffic and engagement will dwindle during the cold-season months. However, there’s plenty to write about and more than enough monthly traffic to go around.

54. Homebrewing

Less popular than it once was, homebrewing is still a fun hobby. Brewing your own beer is challenging and rewarding. Write about different homebrewing recipes and review different homebrewing kits. Expand your niche and include winemaking and distilling.

55. Motorcycles

Most motorcyclists are obsessive over their two-wheeled machines. Pick a specific make like Harley Davidson or Yamaha for your blog or write about classic bikes like cafe racers and choppers. 

56. Photography

This is one topic that can get very technical, so it helps if you know what you’re talking about. You can write reviews about the latest mirrorless and DLSR cameras or educate visitors on lighting and composition. 

57. Sewing

Similar to crocheting and knitting, sewing is a great niche to blog about. Whether you want to teach people how to make their own clothes or outfits for their pets, there’s plenty to blog about. 

58. Strategy game

Strategy games like Dungeons and Dragons (and MANY OTHERS) remain popular searches each month. If you’ve got a nerdy side as I do, then I suggest picking one game and writing as much as you possibly can about it. 

59. Survival

I was into survivalist and preparedness from 2008 to 2012 when the “Great Recession” hit (and when the ridiculous show Doomsday Preppers first aired). Although the topic has waned since then and has become politically polarized, it’s still a great niche to blog about. Plus, if the economy does spiral out of control, it’ll quickly become popular again.

60. Writing

Writing about writing. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But it’s not! You can create a blog about writing science fiction books, poems, screenplays, short stories, and much more. The options are limitless and there are plenty of people searching for info on writing all the time.

Home Blogs

61. Cats

The internet loves cats and so do I. You can write about cat breeds, how to train cats, share funny cat pictures, videos, and much more. This is a fun niche. Unless you’re a dog person or allergic to cats.

62. Decluttering

Who wouldn’t benefit from a little decluttering in their life? This is a niche that took off a while back and culminated with an extreme form of decluttering called minimalism. 

63. DIY

I’m a big advocate of DIY, whether it’s for home repairs, car repairs, electronics, or anything else you can think of. There’s a huge community of DIYers that feast on DIY content.

64. Dog training

If cats aren’t your thing then start a blog about dogs – specifically dog training. There are plenty of opportunities with dog training so hone in on your preferred approach and get blogging about it. You can also write reviews about dog training gear to earn some affiliate income.

65. Home decor

Mid-century modern home decor is popular right now and I’m sure there are other trends right around the corner. If home decorating is something you’re skilled at, then start a blog to help out home decor-challenged people like me.

66. Organization

Similar yet different from decluttering, home organization is a niche for the more OCD type of readers. You can blog about garage organization, basement, home in general, and anything else you feel confident about organizing. 

67. Tiny homes

Are tiny homes still a thing? Yup, you betcha. Although this is another niche that has waned in interest lately, it’s still a great topic to write about, especially when you consider how bad the housing market is right now. 

Lifestyle Blogs

68. Dating

Dating has changed a ton since I got married in 2005. I couldn’t write a damn thing about it, but luckily I don’t have to worry about that ever again. However, there are plenty of divorcees and single people out there that could benefit from some sage dating advice. 

69. Divorce

Not exactly an easy niche to focus on, divorce still happens regularly year-over-year. Why not write about divorce from an aspect of helping those splitting end things in a more amicable way?

70. Minimalism

Like I mentioned before, minimalism is an extreme form of decluttering. It’s the polar opposite of hoarding. There’s plenty to write about because it’s not just a method of cleaning but more of a mindset – a psyche. 

71. Parenting

Who says there’s no manual that comes with a new baby? There’s plenty to write about and I’m sure new parents are ready to soak up the wisdom of those that have the experience. If you have children then trust me – you have something to teach new parents. 

72. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both an amazingly happy time and an amazingly scary time. Or at least that’s my perspective. You can write about pregnancy from a woman’s or a man’s perspective. There’s plenty to write about so don’t worry about running out of content ideas.

73. Wedding planning

Here’s another topic I couldn’t offer an ounce of advice on. What do post-COVID weddings consist of? If you have any experience, whether it’s from a luxury no-expense-spared wedding to a budget shoe-string wedding, share your knowledge. Trust me – there are plenty of people looking for info.

Marketing Blogs

74. Content marketing

This is basically blogging about blogging. It’s sort of what I do, right? If you choose to get into blogging, especially to earn money, then you’ll need to know about content marketing. How do you get your posts read by more people? That’s what inspired me to create this website.

75. Copywriting

I suck at copywriting and am desperate for more copywriting niche blogs to start up. If you’re a mystical wordsmith capable of making the mundane sound magical, I’ll be your biggest fan.

76. Email marketing

I love email marketing. If you decide to get into blogging, you better embrace it, too. There’s a lot to it, though. Typically it’s not something you can just pick up in a short amount of time. You have to understand email lists, lead magnets, and newsletters.

77. Search engine optimization

Often the most challenging aspect of learning how to become a successful blogger, search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-growing search term while also being ever-changing. If you are an SEO expert, you probably aren’t reading this post. Thus, most new bloggers won’t focus on SEO. Then again, if you can teach something, then you can master it. Why not jump in feet-first and give it a shot?

News Blogs

78. Local

Blogging about local news makes for an easy niche to rank highly in search results, especially if you’re from a less populated area. However, don’t expect much traffic though. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, your monthly visitors may only amount to a couple hundred per month.

79. Politics

As you can see from the Google Trends graph above, politics is a popular search topic in the US. However, I do not recommend choosing politics as your blog niche. It’s toxically polarizing and you’ll inevitably get visitors from the opposite side of your political spectrum. These opposers will likely resort to troll-like tactics, so unless you enjoy arguing with people online, choose a different niche.

80. Pop culture

Pop culture doesn’t exactly represent a large number of searches every month according to the above graph, but that’s only because most people don’t specifically search for the keyword phrase “pop culture.” Here’s another graph showing “pop culture” compared to specific celebrities in pop culture. My point is, you can choose this niche and get a ton of traffic.

See how low pop culture is with that bottom blue line? The green line, the third-lowest, is politics, and the other two are actual pop culture icons. My point is this – the actual topic phrase matters. 

81. Sports

There’s enough sports news to fill multiple blogs, so feel free to choose this niche. You can write about the recent NFL draft, playoff games, all-star games, March madness, professional wrestling, and much more. 

Science Blogs

82. Astrology/Space

NASA and space have been popular search topics for decades but thanks to billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, there’s a new interest in space exploration. Take advantage of this new trend and carve out a blog niche in this exciting new era of space travel and astrology.

83. Disease and condition-specific

I usually recommend this niche to medical professionals and those that actually suffer from a specific disease or condition. There are plenty of opportunities to “niche down” in this niche, too. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Hashimoto’s disease, celiacs, and the list goes on and on (and on). 

84. Environmental

The planet is in a dire situation. There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind, which is pretty damn serious. That’s why choosing this niche is not only ideal for generating plenty of traffic but also urgently important to inform people. 

85. Healthcare news

This is another niche where you have to walk a fine line or risk getting sued for spreading misinformation. However if you are a healthcare professional then consider starting a blog in this niche. You can write about the latest medical devices to the best treatments, vaccines, and more.

86. Marine biology/Oceanography

Did you know this is one of the most popular college majors? Even I wanted to pursue a degree in marine biology. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of changing things. Still, this is a great niche to blog about because there’s less competition than in something like pop culture and politics. 

87. Psychology

Another great niche for healthcare professionals, psychology is quickly becoming the predominant topic of discussion for post-pandemic life. You can blog about treatment techniques, how the chemistry of the brain works, and different medications.

Technology Blogs

88. Artificial Intelligence

AI has grown into a vast amount of fields beyond what most people realize. You can blog about Google’s DeepMind AI or about lesser-known apps that rely on AI, or how AI algorithms work.

89. Android products

I’m an Android user and trust me when I tell you – there are way more things to blog about when it comes to Google’s mobile OS than most people realize. Write about new phones that are released monthly or about popular apps. You can even write tutorials and reviews on custom Android ROMs. Don’t know what that is? Find a blog and learn!

90. Apple products

Apple products rule the world of mobile devices. From the Apple Watch to iPhone to iPad, you won’t run out of content ideas to write about. If by some miracle you do run out, branch out to cases, screen protectors, repairs, etc.

91. Computer programming/coding

Here’s a niche I tried to learn and failed miserably at. Maybe I just didn’t have the right teacher. Could that be you? If you are an experienced developer, you can carve out a micro-niche in this big topic. Not only are there a ton of programming languages but you can also write about Raspberry Pis and microcontroller projects that require programming. 

92. Consumer electronics

Think about how many consumer electronics there are per household. Earlier today when I was listening to a podcast, the host said the current estimate of devices per home is around 38. That’s nuts! Think about it, though. You have mobile phones, smart home speakers, soundbars, tv, DIY home security, surveillance cameras, doorbells, smart appliances, watches, smart lights, tablets, remotes, power tools, and, well you get the picture. 

93. Cybersecurity

This is one niche that will never stop evolving. That means you will always have something to write about. You can “niche down” into enterprise security, personal computer security, hacking, viruses, spam, phishing, and plenty more. Plus, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

94. Software reviews

If you love apps then why not write about them? That’s something I do on this website and it’s quite popular. I focus on apps that save solopreneur bloggers time and increase productivity but there are plenty more micro-niches out there.

95. Web development/design

I love web development and design. It’s actually the only programming that makes sense to me, although I barely do any nowadays since I rely on WordPress. There’s plenty to write about, too. Choose development or design (I wouldn’t do both) and start writing. You can teach people HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP or you can focus on wireframes, typeface, colors, and UX. Either way, the niche is very popular.

Travel Blogs

96. Backpacking

I love backpacking, although I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. Yes, that has a lot to do with the pandemic, but hopefully, that’ll be ending soon. The next best thing to actually backpacking is reading about backpacking. There’s an entire magazine dedicated to backpacking called…wait for it…Backpacking. Don’t believe me that the niche is super popular? Take a look at the Google Trends graph above.

97. Digital nomads

This is my life goal: to become a digital nomad. What’s better than traveling around the world visiting amazing locales while earning a living blogging and vlogging? I expect this niche to trend up over the next few years so jump in while the water is nice.

98. Local travel

Another niche that’ll have lower traffic than most niches, local travel is still an ideal choice to blog about. Expect people to start planning vacations soon. Why not do some research into your surrounding area and write about the best restaurants, hotels, attractions, golf courses, beaches, and more?

99. Travel hacks

I’m frugal and love life hacks, so this niche is ideal for me as a reader. If you have the skill set of a travel agent and don’t mind sharing your secret travel hacks, then choose this niche.

100. Van life

Ah, I saved the best for last. This ties directly into my life goal of living as a digital nomad. I constantly watch videos, read blog posts, and spend way too much time on the van life subreddit. Show me van builds and share info on how to get into the van life and I’ll be your biggest fan. 


Ok, that’s it. I just gave you 100 blogging niche ideas. Now here’s your homework: go through each one with a fine-toothed comb and make a list of the ones that interest you the most. Next, start researching traffic trends, keywords, competitors, and domain names to assess how feasible it is to start and grow a successful blog in any of your preferred niches. Don’t be afraid to “niche down” either!

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